Click on the link below to watch the previously recorded event on the Graphic Paper Industry presentation by Greg Lovensheimer, COO of Millcraft.

Gregg delivers a macro-to-micro level overview of the paper industry and pinpoints how best to maneuver through this tight market.

  • What to watch out for?
  • What to take advantage of?
  • How to mitigate risk?

Gregg shares what to expect in the coming months and tips on how to predict the market and empower your business.

Link: Graphic Paper Industry Presentation

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Enjoy the presentation!

USPS PostalPro

News from PostalPro.
This document outlines the CASS/MASS certified vendors list for RDI™ Cycle O.
To ensure die-cut visibility for Informed Delivery® recipients, the leftmost edge of the die-cut extension must be in Zone C of the TED-C Letter Template. If the die-cut extension's leftmost edge is not in ZONE C, it may be acceptable to mail, but there may not be any visibility of the die-cut in Informed Delivery® for recipients.
TED-C mailpieces are letter-size pieces that have a die-cut that extends past the conventional trailing edge of the mailpiece. The USPS and the mailing industry collaborated to create requirements that will allow for the mailing of non-rectangular TED-C letter-size mailpieces at automation letter prices.